Guida alle taglie

Find the perfect size by helping yourself with seamstress meter and following our guide!


Wrap the meter around the fullest part of your bust, at the shoulder blades. Then, after stretching your arms along your hips, take the measurement.


Place one hand on the side until it forms a 90 angle. Then measure the length from the center of the nape, running along the entire arm, up to the wrist.


Wrap the meter around the natural waist, just above the navel. So, without tightening, take the measure.


Wrap the meter around the hips, in their most prominent part. So, take the measurement.


Wrap the meter around the neck, at the height of the Adam’s Apple. So, adding the thickness of a finger if you want a more comfortable fit, take the measurement.


Measure from the leg bifurcation point to the desired length of the pants. So, after wearing the shoes for a more precise result, take the measurement.